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Dance Attire for Ballet Students

Boys: Ballet:

Please come suitably dressed in black leggings or shorts and short white ankle socks with a T-shirt and well fitting black ballet shoes. Long hair must be tied back.

Girls: Ballet

A leotard (of any colour), short white ankle socks or pink ballet tights with well fitting pink ballet shoes (they need to fit like a sock). We recommend a crossover ballet cardigan for the colder weather. Long hair must be tied up. By Level 4 long hair should be tied up in a bun please.

Please note; Levels 3-8 also need a character skirt and shoes.

Dance Attire for Contemporary Students:


Please wear suitable dance clothing - stretch leggings and top are recommended. Tie long hair back neatly. Ballet shoes are not recommended. Please bring a pair of socks.

Adults: Comfortable dance clothing with long hair tied back.

'Farmers' and Kmart' have some options. Dance clothing and shoes are available at "The Dancers Wardrobe" Remuera or "Beulah Grace Dance & Sportswear" Rosedale. - We have a collection online to make the process easier. Click Here

For safety reasons no jewellery please other than small stud earrings.  

What To Wear

Handy Hints


Punctuality To get the most out of class, please arrive 5 minutes before class is due to start, so you are changed and ready to dance. Students of Pre Elementary Level and above should arrive at least 15 minutes prior so they have time to begin a personal warm-up.

When Waiting For Classes In consideration of others, could students please wait outside the studio in the foyer until your class is called.

Safety and Supervision Parents - please try to be on time to collect your children. Please ask your children to wait quietly inside the building rather than out in the car park. Please do not leave other children unattended at the studio - we cannot and will not assume responsibility for supervision of any children other than the students in the class we are teaching.

Water Bottles Please bring a named bottle of water to class especially during the humid summer months.

Have Fun Our classes are upbeat and welcoming, so just enjoy your time in the studio!


Studio Information

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