Positive Culture Policy


By enrolling in our program you acknowledge that you have read and agree to our Positive Culture Policy.

Our Philosophy

At Step Beyond Studios, we believe in the power of positive dance. As an exam and competition-free community, we encourage our young people to support one another and to develop their sense of confidence, technique and creativity in a healthy environment for all. In order for our community to work together in a fun and positive environment, we expect our members to behave in a manner that supports this philosophy.

Our Expectations

1. Kindness: To interact with one another in a kind and respectful manner

2. Communication: To communicate with others using respectful language and intent in person, online, inside and outside of the session

3. Participation and Focus: To participate in the task at hand for your own development as well as to support others

4. Respect: To show respect for the instructors, other students and oneself

5. Safety: To follow studio rules regarding safety, including but not limited to: staying in the designated space, communicating with staff about bathroom breaks and staying away from the stage unless advised otherwise by staff

Disallowed Behaviours

1. Speaking in a disrespectful manner to others; including but not limited to: put downs and physical actions of disrespect - in person, online, inside and outside of the session 

2. Frequently distracting others 

3. A lack of participation 

4. Disengagement with general class rules

Course of Action

We strive to work closely with families in a communicative way to encourage students to work positively within these expectations. We do however, reserve the right to refuse a student access to classes at Step Beyond Studios if we feel they are unable to adhere to our policy.