Grace Woollett

Grace Woollett studied ballet and contemporary dance, at Marian McDermott School of Dance (now Step Beyond Studios) for 13 years. She went on to complete her Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts with a major in Contemporary Dance at Unitec, Auckland, in 2012. There, she crafted her own choreographic voice and went on to produce a range of award winning choreographic works and danced professionally for national choreographers.

After 7 years teaching for Step Beyond Studios and many other institutions such as The New Zealand Dance Company's youth engagement program and Unitec, Grace then traveled Europe in 2016, settled in London in 2017, then onto Melbourne in 2019. Throughout this period, Grace developed a passion for dance film, producing a range of works. She taught dance, drama and performing arts in schools and nurseries across London and worked on several collaborative creative projects with international artists. 

Grace's deep passion for the philosophy at Step Beyond Studios finally drew her home in 2020 to collaborate with Marian towards the future of this highly regarded institution.

A greatly experienced dance facilitator and inspired artistic multi-disciplinary practitioner.  Grace finds energy and inspiration within revealing the skills of others. With a passion for positive and safe teaching practice, Grace builds an environment aiding the personal growth and development of all students. Holding a broad spectrum of experience in diverse environments, she has developed a valuable collection of teaching strategies throughout her career.